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Pick n Pay - Issues with discounted items not being loaded on the system

No resolution
Evash Hettiarachchi
Evash Hettiarachchi filed the complaint
27 September 2021
Good Evening

I am and have been a loyal customer of your store for the longest time from when I was a kid shopping with my parents through to adulthood and finally a parent myself now. My experience of late, especially now over the covid period has not been a pleasant one.

I always look forward to the clearance table and aisle, as my kids love to go have a squizz through and see if anything is on offer. But the problem is that those items specifically aren't loaded onto your system at the til points, why is this? Are you hoping we don't notice that you are ripping us off?

When you do try to seek help from a manager, they are clueless! I cannot begin to tell you how frequently this has happened and how frustrating it is having to stand there, mask on face, my 3 kids impatiently waiting and restless because the staff are not properly trained or don't have a clue as to what's going on.

Once again, I decided to go past as it is the closest store for me. I cannot understand as to why you have huge signs clearly stating your specials, it's even in the store phamplets you have outside the store but when I get to the til, it's not discounted because it's not loaded on your system. I am a customer coming there to shop and during these tough economic covid times, I especially look forward to those specials and now I must deal with this.

I find myself always watching that little screen at the till point when they scan the items because I know what's going to happen, the sale items get scanned at regular prices. It's unnecessary and pure laziness on your end. And unfair to us customers!

Get the right staff in place, give them the training they need and let them do a proper job. Because on top of it, I must now get attitude from them because they asking me what price did I see because it doesn't show on their system???

Unacceptable! Appauling! They should be aware of the specials nonetheless that when this happens, they can easily spot the error. Is this just a way for Pick n Pay to price fix discreetly and rip customers off.. Now with such hardships? I'm sick and tired of it as this has been happening frequently.

I do my calculations expecting to go according to my budget and only to go over because of the laziness and lack of interest from your staff? I will be reporting this as it's a violation of my consumer rights and I have kept quiet looong enough.

This has frequently happened to me at tthe northgate store in northwold over the past few years but I have specifically noticed this more so over covid period.


Unhappy customer,
Incident date: 24 September 2021
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