Terms and Conditions

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1.  Complaints Book is a non-generic online social network aimed at consumers and businesses publicly sharing their consumer experiences, where both are internet users.

2.  Complaints Book does not replace the entities responsible for regulating and arbitrating consumption or consumer protection and support, or any other public or private entity with jurisdiction to settle, manage or adjudicate consumer disputes.

3.  Users are solely and exclusively responsible for the content of the messages they post on Complaints Book.

4.  The messages and opinions expressed by Complaints Book’s users only reflect their opinions and views, and in no way reflect the opinion of Complaints Book or its owners.

5.  Identification of the claimed entity is made according to the information provided by the complainant and contains the distinctive data and signals publicly disclosed on the internet and in relation to consumers.

6.  Complaints Book does not make any value judgments about the content of complaints, messages and comments published by users.

7.  Without prejudice to the previous point, messages with the following contents are not allowed:

  • obscene or inappropriate language;
  • incitement of racial hatred and calls for violence;
  • pornography and obscenities;
  • insults between users;
  • xenophobic or racist comments;
  • dissemination of advertising;
  • sale of goods or services;
  • repeating messages by the same user;
  • unauthorized disclosure of personal or contact data;
  • outside the context of the services provided by this portal.

In such cases, Complaints Book reserves the right not to post the relevant messages online or to remove all or part of their content at any time.

8.  Complaints Book reserves the right not to post complaints, messages and comments entered by users online, or to remove all or part of their content at any time.

9.  Complaints Book may share complaints and comments made by users on social media of which it takes part, such as facebook, twitter, google + and others.

10.  Acceptance of these terms and conditions does not exempt you from reading our Privacy and Data Protection Policy, which is required to be read. If you do not agree with it, please do not use Complaints Book

Changes of Terms and Conditions of Use

Complaints Book reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify and update these terms and conditions of use, which will be valid from the date of modification and/or modification.