Satisfaction Index

Satisfaction Index is calculated based on brand activity over the past 12 months

What is the Satisfaction Index?

The Satisfaction Index objectively expresses brand performance at Complaints Book based on interaction with complaining users.

Good brand performance increases the Satisfaction Index.

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This is the Satisfaction Index you should look for within Complaints Book to make the best decision.

The graphical presentation of the Satisfaction Index translates into a scale that allows a quick comparison between brands.

Satisfaction Index rating ranges from 0 to 100

N/A (Not Assigned)

Satisfaction Index is only available for brands with a minimum of 2 complaints. Until the brand is eligible, the Satisfaction Index will be "Not Assigned".

How is the Satisfaction Index calculated?

The Satisfaction Index comprises a formula based solely on the performance of each brand in Complaints Book.

There are four states of complaints that are considered for the Satisfaction Index:

  • Awaiting reply
  • Being dealt with
  • Resolved
  • Unresolved

Satisfaction Index (SI)1

SI = [ (RR*10) + (AR*15) + (SR*50) + (ART*15) + (TRC*10) ] : 100

RR (Response Rate) = No. of complaints answered2 / Total No. of complaints
TPC (Total Period Considered) = No. of complaints received in months 3 n -12 to n -1
SR (Solution Rate) = Number of complaints resolved / TPC
AR (Average Rating) = Sum of Feedback ratings / No. of total ratings
ART (Average Response Time) = Average Response Time 4

TRC (Customer Retention Rate ) = No. consumers who would buy again / No. satisfaction ratings

1 To calculate the IS in the public service, the customer retention rate is not considered, the weight of which is included in the response rate.
2 For RR the number of replied complaints is:
No. of complaints being dealt with + No. of complaints resolved + No. of complaints not resolved with brand response
3 For SR are considered the last 11 months preceding the previous month.
Being n the current month, the period considered to calculate the SR is from n -12 to n -1
4 The ART of each complaint is accounted for as follows.
  • Up to 3 days in response equals 10 points
  • Between 4 to 9 days equals 7 points
  • 10 to 14 days equals 2 points
  • More than 15 days equals 0 points
Note: If the brand has not the minimum number of complaints in the last 12 months to be eligible for the Satisfaction Index, then the total period of brand activity is considered.