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Pick n Pay - R200 note

No resolution
Mirriam Nkosi
Mirriam Nkosi filed the complaint
9 November 2023
I paid using an old R200 note at Pick n Pay Cresta Mall , I was told by the cashier that they no longer accept those notes as their store policy ,even after advising the cashier that the note was dispensed by Capitec ATM. I had to take back the note and pay using other monies, immediately after leaving the store I went to Dischem and paid using the very same note and it was accepted. I was mistreated because this means if I didn't have more cash with me I would have had to leave without the items I intended to buy ,I felt embarrassed like I produced fake money when the other lady who was packing behind the cashier when into their office to check about the R200 note.
Incident date: 8 November 2023
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