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Pep Stores - Store contact number not helpful

No resolution
Andiswa filed the complaint
19 December 2023
I was at Pep Home at Kyalami Corner on the 14 December 2023, where I was doing shopping and misplaced my work access card written my name. I sent an email to the and Annelise Potgieter replied saying that she is no longer the manager at the store and gave me this number to call which belongs to Ino the store manager - Inno 060 487 6870. I have been calling this number all week not even once has my call be returned. Today I have just called the number twice again still no answer using 011 540 2640. Even on the Kyalami corner website, this is the store contact number. Pep cannot have such an person as a manager. Why would this person not respond to calls. What is I had a product complaint? What if it was a very urgent matter regarding stock or anything? This is no way to treat your customers. Can the store rather have a land line if this is the store managers personal number or something.
Incident date: 13 December 2023
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