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Pep Stores - Bullying at pepstores

No resolution
Inge Bekker
Inge Bekker filed the complaint
11 March 2024
On Friday the 4 staff members at Pep Stores refused to help me. I stood for so long and they only had one cashier. When I eventually asked if one of the three sitting and eating can help my they were so rude saying no, I can wait. I said this is not right really as there are 4 staff members. They became so rude to me, eventually the one that was busy with a customer, grabbed my son's pants from his hand, rang it up and had me pay. She asked in a laughing manner while others found it funny, if I wanted a bag, I said yes, she said, well she did not ring it up and they were amused throwing handing me the pants. I said this was really horrible service, they said, Ja, get out get out of the shop man!. The shop was locked as I arrived at 17:10, but has still been there due to know one helping me. They had me lock open the door myself as they further stood shouting and embarrassing me. Is this how Pep treats their customers? I was truly traumatized and my 6 year old daughter was with me.
Incident date: 8 March 2024
Inge Bekker
Inge Bekker rated the brand
9 May 2024

I was never contacted about the incident and will not return to that store as I was humiliated.

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