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Mr Price - Bad customer service at mr price hillcrest

No resolution
Siyabonga Gumbi
Siyabonga Gumbi filed the complaint
1 October 2021
I visited Mr price at Hillcrest to shop head phones and a charger. Every this is locked so you can't just take and pay at the till points, therefore I had to ask a staff member to help me because I needed those headphones and I noticed it was the last one on the shelf. I spoke to 1 staff member who she did not even responded, she went to the cashier and ask who can assist me with head phone. Still there was no response I stood about 30 minutes next to the counter then i decided to leave the store because it seems as there was no one interested in helping me. I was so desapointed because there were lots of staff on a sales floor but failed to help me.
Incident date: 1 October 2021
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