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Builders Warehouse - Disrespectful disgusting treatment by builders warehouse security personnel

Rob filed the complaint
6 April 2021
Expect to be treated like scum and like a thieve off the street, even if you spend thousands at Builder’s Warehouse! Few weeks ago I went into Builder’s shopping for a Dremel 4000. I’ve shopped for years at Builders Warehouse! I’ve taken my bag EVERYWHERE and never been stopped. My bag contains my expensive iPad Pro as well as often my laptop. So when security suddenly insists that I MUST leave it with her, sorry but NO! Why was I being singled out suddenly when there were many others also walking around instore with their bags? Then I was stalked with disrespectful comments made unto to me over and over. After making a complaint to the manager, I thought I’d then drop it and forget about the incident that I thought would be a once off thing!
Little did I know that a few weeks later, last week to be exact, I went in again to buy extra accessories for my Dremel ... And then the EXACT same thing happens with the exactly same individual security personnel. How could this be, I already complained about her and the manager at the time said he would deal with, right?! But no, again here it was happening, utterly disrespectful & cocky attitude, as if she knows she can get away with it! So again I approach management , this time a new person, Heinrich Smalberger (he said his name was), who again promised to speak to her “in private”!!
Again, why was I being singled out? She obviously had a personal beef with me, especially through her comments and cocky attitude.
So what exactly is said to these individuals whom think they can disrespect customers and just get away with it time and again? How is this acceptable by Builder Warehouse management? How can a meaningless “pep talk” to such rude security personnel be enough and considered acceptable?! I want to know what exactly is being done about this, but so far I have received zero feedback and as far as it appears nothing has really been done about! How can customers who have shopped by a retailer for years, spent thousands of rands at their store, just get disgusting disrespectful treatment!?? It’s totally beyond me! Worse shopping experience I’ve ever had! Your security and staff need to treat customers with respect!
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Incident date: 6 April 2021
Rob rated the brand
9 April 2021

Once I reached contact with the regional manager, the issue was dealt with very quickly and professionally

This complaint was considered resolved.
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