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PAXI - Paxi parcel took 3 weeks to be sent, only to be suddenly marked as lost

No resolution
Carmen Kruger
Carmen Kruger filed the complaint
3 January 2024
Absolutely, here's a version that conveys your frustration:

I'm beyond upset. I've been waiting for a parcel sent to me on December 16, 2023, with an expected arrival of January 2, 2024, at midnight. Today, after hours of anticipation, I contacted the service, only to receive a message just before 9 AM stating, "Kindly note that your parcel is currently out for delivery to the destination store today, you will receive an SMS as soon as it is scanned in at the store." just before 9 AM".
But at 1:45 PM, my follow-up shattered any hope. Their response? "Kindly note that on our system, the parcel has been marked as lost. Please allow us to reach out to the couriers to get a confirmation if the parcel is really lost, because the last time I checked, it was out for delivery. Please do a follow up after 4 hours as their turn around time for them to respond is after 4 hours."

I checked again later, hoping for a different outcome, only to be met with the same disheartening message. They've even mentioned they'll ask the courier if the parcel "is actually missing."

I contacted the Paxi hotline, hoping for a resolution, but got the same unhelpful response. It's infuriating that they've started offering insurance now, especially after sending numerous items. The contents of this parcel, worth well over R2,000, were items I had ordered and a friend sent through Paxi.

I'm forced to follow up again tomorrow, but it seems clear the Paxi is lost. The handling of this situation leaves me utterly appalled.

How does a parcel smoothly progress through each stage, only to vanish at the very last moment? It's unfathomable and completely unacceptable.
Incident date: 3 January 2024
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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