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Intercity Xpress - Drunk and disruptive behavior

No resolution
Jerome filed the complaint
21 October 2023
6 ladies booked in on the same bus as us and they were loud and very disruptive. Literally no one else was talking besides them and they was screaming loudly despite sitting next to each other. As well as drinking on the ride down to Durban.
They didn't stop at all and kept on going.
My family and I will never be using intercity express again because of this. They was not reprimanded or told to stop. They disturbed everyone else that was trying to rest nor did they give a * FORBIDDEN * about anyone else. This is pathetic and I was coming to my last bit of patience with them. I got the videos and pictures should the company required them as well as the drivers name
Incident date: 21 October 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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