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Intercape - Ticket refund

No resolution
Tshenolo Sephoti
Tshenolo Sephoti filed the complaint
18 March 2024
I booked my ticket online. As I was supposed to return on the 17th march. I tried to reach intercape to reschedule my date to the 18th march. Unfortunately i was in a remote village in botswana where network is a problem. My phone was offline. I went to the office before departure to explain and i was told to purchase another ticket. I emailed their office to be compensated my first ticket while onboard after purchasing the second ticket. The response was i have forfeited my money. I am still asking intercape to kindly consider to refund me as i have encountered a matter that was beyond my control,being offline due to network failure.
Incident date: 18 March 2024
Tshenolo Sephoti
Tshenolo Sephoti rated the brand
13 May 2024

Scammers, they have no interest in their customers!

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