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Steers - Livid, disappointed...

No resolution
Bongiwe Zamakheswa Gumede
Bongiwe Gumede filed the complaint
15 November 2021
I am the most unhappy person today. I placed an order with Steers in Greenstone Mall at 9.37am and have not received my order which I paid for online 2 hours + later after tons of phone calls and trying to check what is happening but not going through. I had to call Debonairs Pizza to next to them to get me assistance, so finally a manager came and I asked if I can cancel my order as it has been 2+ hours waiting for an order I did not receive. When I left my house this morning, my kids asked if I can buy them Steers for breakfast as I was late for work and couldn't make food for them so I order and hours later my kids are still waiting for their food hence I cancelled and ordered at another Steers. So very disappointed with Steers in Greenstone Mall
Incident date: 15 November 2021
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