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Planet Fitness - Contract closure

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Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams filed the complaint
29 August 2023
I wanted to end my planet fitness contract because there was a misunderstanding in the contract about the monthly fee,I requested a copy of my contract but it was never given after many requests, I then decided to close my membership with them and I was told about the 4 month notice process,I put 4 months notice and then I received an email that my contract will be ended,after the 4 months the payment went off agai,I then contacted them about it and was told that my contract is still active and if I want to cancel I should put another 4 months,I was being put in debt because of the payments and I explained my unemployment to them,and they took advantage of me because of my age,so I managed to get them to cancel it,and then another email came through that it's been canceled,but they kept on debiting my account,I made a complaint again and then they said they'll cancel it,after battling with them,another email was sent to me saying it's canceled,and yet again payments are going off,and now I'm being handed over to SAYA because of apparent payments that weren't made,it is a battle trying to end memberships with planet fitness.
Incident date: 29 August 2023
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