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Engen - Engen garage owners give issues after filling incorrect fuel to a vehicle

No resolution
Nicholas filed the complaint
28 March 2024
Please be wary of filling fuel at Engen Garage Umhlatuzana. This business should be shamed and its owner fired upon for causing damage vehicles and then are unable to sort the issue on the vehicle out.
After asking the attendant to fill diesel, the attendant marked with a trainee shirt, does not have his own tag and then asks for the tag from another employee and then fills petrol in a diesel vehicle whist a went in the garage to buy a beverage.
I then pay for the fuel and head home (100m Away). Within 50m the vehicle switches off and refuses to start, I then go back to the garage after opening my fuel cap and smelling petrol. They then check the footage and keep me waiting up to 30 mins only to speak to its owner, Nishal via a Phone Call. who doesnt know how to speak or to run his garage, his attitude is that its his business, his garage, i should shut my mouth and listen. We end up in a heated arguement and i leave the garage and contact Engen head office, Head office greases Nishal and then i suddenly get approval via email to take the vehicle to its dealer. (Shown Below)
Vehicle is modified so VW can only assist with the cleanup procedure and no other repair work, the clean up was done. The vehicle was collected with the engine check light on, which indicates engine malfunction.
I have contact Nishal & his garage about this but now they know after the cleanup, the vehicle is showing issues, they know this is a bigger issue and so blame and liability its trying to be passed because i had taken the vehicle to its dealer, which they authorised. The vehicle is a SEAT and as such is owned by VW, therefore servicing & parts can all be done at VW. They say this is not the dealer for this vehicle and so the liability moved to me, even after paying the invoice.
Absolutely horrible experience from this garage and its owner, please stay away from this place. All their pumps contain petrol, even those with diesel logos. they only keep one diesel tank in the front of the garage and nowhere else. If you do not know this garage and maybe park outside a tap, becarful, they may fill water in your car.
The staff are untrained and have little to no experience in the fuel industry and is quite alarming if they know any safety protocols. The owner has no way of speaking and when you have filled incorrect fuel in someones car, you should be apologetic as possible.
We have been trying to get assistance from Engen SA but we need your help in sharing this post and making it known. Engen SA should come to the party as the group owners and make a decision to strip this garage of the Engen title and allow Mr Nishal to rather buy into the Astron garage. Engen SA should have high standards and excellent customer service for something like this.
Currently i sit without a fully functional vehicle. I am driving around a vehicle with a misfire and engine faults and Engen SA, and Engen Garage Umhlatuzana and Nishal its owner have not come to the party.
This business should be named and shamed for filling incorrect fuel in a vehicle and not take responsibility for the issue. So far, for 1 week i have been without a vehicle, there was no mention of a vehicle hire, a single phone call from them or a letter or verbal apology for the inconvenience caused.
Please do not use this garage, you will end up in a never ending problem with this garage & its owner sorting out your vehicle.
Incident date: 28 March 2024
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