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Engen - Disgusting conditions at engen n1 bloemfontein south

No resolution
Dawn Louw
Dawn Louw filed the complaint
23 December 2023
We stopped at Engen Bloemfontein N1 south on our way to Cape Town this morning. The conditions around this Engen are disgusting and a health risk. There is a pile of toilet paper behind the ablutions where raw sewerage is running onto the tarred area. This indicates that it has been an issue for a while. The toilets themselves are not all flushing. This in peak travel season.
The parking area is littered with debris and old food such as squashed bananas, chicken bones, used tissues etc. This is not a good advert for your brand and totally unacceptable. Unfortunately I did it think to take photos but the sewage leak at least needs to be attended to asap.
Incident date: 23 December 2023
Dawn Louw
Dawn Louw rated the brand
2 March 2024

I received no feedback whatsoever. Cannot understand that Engen considers the conditions at their facility not worthy of some sort of action or at least a response

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