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DSV - Parcel not delivered!

No resolution
Jiveshni filed the complaint
16 March 2024
I was contacted by a lady from DSv on the 14/03/2024 to arrange for my delivery to on the 15/03/2024. When asked about the delivery time. She do not know. I did not receive any delivery on the 15/03/2024. I tried to contact the call center and branch in durban however no one answered!
This put me in a frustrating position. Because i had to take a day of absence from work to receive my parcel. And make arrangements to be at home. I waited from 8AM till 10PM and there was absolutely no communication from the driver or DSV that the parcel will not be delivered on the 15/03/2024!! To my curiosity i decided to log on and track my parcel and i was absolutely shocked to see the status turned to DELIVERY FAILED!
What kind of dismissal courier service is this !!? No communication to a client what so ever! I have no other option to have used this courier service as MTN uses them only to deliver!
I am so disappointed in this customer services! No one answers the calls! They promise to call back but no hardly ever calls back.
We as consumers have rights ! And not to be mislead!
Should i not receive feedback or my parcel by this weekend of the 15/03/2024 BEST BELIEVE I WILL LAY A COMPLAINT WITH THE CONSUMER ACTS COMMISSIONS!
i have used DSV once last year and had the same issue of the delivery not been carried out!

I will not stand for this pathetic services!
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Incident date: 15 March 2024
16 March 2024
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30 March 2024
Jiveshni rated the brand
25 May 2024

Terrible services do.not use

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