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DSV - Dsv couriers failing to deliver my chronic medication

Masoga Peter Mabogoane
Masoga Mabogoane filed the complaint
30 July 2023
On the 10th of July 2023 I received a message from Marara pharmacy informing me that my medication will be delivered by DSV COURIER before 05:00 pm the same day.On the 17th I went to fetch my medication at Dr Mthimunye's surgery as usual but my medication was not delivered, I phoned Marara pharmacy to investigate and they told me that DSV was handed my medication on the 10th for delivery and they apologized for their mistake and promised to deliver the next day before 05:00 pm.After 2 days I went to check my parcel again but was not delivered till today. Please help because I am depending on that medication and I am also paying for it. It's for high blood and diabetes

Kind Regards
Incident date: 28 July 2023
Masoga Peter Mabogoane
Masoga Mabogoane rated the brand
27 August 2023

The brand is doing a great job because my problem was resolved within a week, even though there was some inconvenience of taking my medication late. Thanks a lot and I will recommend family and friends to the brand.

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