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Lenmed Private Hospital - Incompetence

No resolution
Imaan chavoos
Imaan chavoos filed the complaint
24 December 2021
The nurses are so incompetent and it's a disgrace I've been coming to lenmed hospital all my life and now I refuse to ever come back .
I called for my medicine at 6:05pm,
I've reminded the nurse and she said that she will check for my medication
Fast-forward and hour and I went to remind them again .4 hours later of waiting patiently they haven't responded,I've called the nurse in charge and to find out I don't need my drip for this specific night.
I've lost 4 hours of sleep due to this situation.
The ward is loud and when I complained and asked to be moved to a more peaceful ward I basically got ignored this is so unprofessional and disgusting especially for a reputable hospital,the nurse attitude stink . And as a patient I require rest , peace and kindness which I'm not getting the ward is extremely disturbing especially when in pain and medicated .I'm deeply frustrated and extremely angry and I just want to leave immediately .I will never recommend this hospital to anyone ever in my life . It's slow , incompetent and Is a very difficult place to heal or recover.
-0/10 this is utterly disgusting.
Tomorrow I will discharge myself as soon as I get up and leave I refuse to stay another day.
Incident date: 24 December 2021
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