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Wimpy - Poor value for money

No resolution
Bob Gillies
Bob Gillies filed the complaint
18 September 2023
The breakfasts at Wimpy Springs Mall are no longer value for money. The last one my wife and I had was on 14th September. When the Wimpy opened and we went in the staff were so noisy shouting to each other and we tried to call a waiter. We ordered a regular and a mega coffee. R32.90 for a cup of coffee and R49.90 is a ridiculous price and as pensioners unaffordable. The toasted cheese and chicken mayonnaise sandwiches were very basis with a few chips on a plain plate, no small garnish to make them look appetising. I could not detect any chicken pieces in the mayonnaise it was just a paste. The bill for this was R183.60 and it was not woth half that. The plates were cold and the food was barely warm , the tomato was not bcooked for more that a few seconds. Your staff at this Wimpy need serious training as we are not going there again for this level of food and pricing. Receipt number isR828322.1726. You shouls have a pensioner's menue with affordable pricing and proper presenation and quality of your food.
Incident date: 18 September 2023
Bob Gillies
Bob Gillies rated the brand
9 November 2023

Food is overpriced regarding the quality. Coffee prices are ridiculously high for what you get. Breakfasts often served with cold components on cold plates/ Staff shout to each other over the customers. The manager that phoned me was defending the prices and had nothing positive or apologetic to say to me so I will just avoid Wimpy in future and go to the Spur where the breakfasts are more value for money and the place is quieter. A toasted chicken sandwich with a few chips at R60 is way over priced , served on a bare white plate and no garnish , looking very unappetising. Remember people eat first with their eyes! I might try Wimpy Springs Mall againm in a few weeks but I doubt staff or food is any better. Why don't you have a seniors menu like the Spur as your prices are way out of a SASSA budget.

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