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Wimpy - Heath department needs to step in – made my daughter sick

No resolution
Wendy Garbers
Wendy Garbers filed the complaint
13 November 2023
We ordered 3 milkshakes only finding that the cream has expired, we sent it back and asked our waitress Lerato that we would rather have cool drinks. Not taking our order she returned with 3 cokes with no ice. I explained that we wanted to order our own drink, but it is fine as I did not want to make a seen. One of my daughters released that there were black things floating in her coke, so we told the waitress to call the manager. Manager come to see us her cloths was filthy dirty and all what she could say is “SORRY”
They ended up charging us for that cooldrinks, I was just so frustrated and just wanted to leave so we paid. Last night my daughter was sick as a dog, and today the school called me to pick her up from school during exams. I expect a health inspector needs to go visit that branch and I would like the owner to contact me. I will report this matter to the Food Control as it is not safe to eat at Wimp Flora Centre.
Incident date: 13 November 2023
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