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Web Africa - Cancellation never done as per request

No resolution
Maxie Kruger
Maxie Kruger filed the complaint
13 September 2023
I cancelled my services on the website. Did a screenprint, because I have read a lot how Web Africa unethical dealing with clients. To confirm I also went onto the whatsapp and told agent i want to cancel for end August. He asked why, and i said they are way to expensive and i can get the same service for R350 less from someone else. He then insisted i send the quote from the other company. At this point is stopped communicating. To me it was none of his business who i go to and what i pay. I gave an instruction to cancel and then left it there. Now i am told i did not give a direct instruction and stayed on the line until the agent actually cancelled. They want to force me to pay for another month without having any service for September. And then cancel. I am not interested. I said: I want to cancel for end August. "It is not negotiable, but true to all the complaints on social media, Webafrica force customers to pay after cancellation and also make it almost impossible to cancel. They play dumb like now.
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Incident date: 2 August 2023
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