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Web Africa - Absolute worst service

No resolution
Hendrik Moolman
Hendrik Moolman filed the complaint
6 April 2021
Dear WebAfrica,

Can your management please call me as I have had 7 Chat sessions cancelled today between 11:56 and 15:53 without resolving my questions, 082 7726200?

Session 1 – Mekayla
Session 2 - Dino Fernandez
Session 3 – Alicia – Cancelled without any comments
Session 4 – Dino again – cancelled without any comments
Session 5 – Carmaliter - Cancelled the session then reconnected and cancelled again with no response
Session 6 – Mmabatho – With no respons, just cancelled the session
Session 7 – Kabelo – No response even

I have also been on the phone for 1 hour and 15 minutes before it got cut off and the last person I spoke to said he was investigating and then he cut me off!!~!!

Below please find the copy of the chat sessions where you can see all the numbers that were cancelled.

I expect a call soon as I will raise this on Hello Peter and every other site possible as the service received is definitely not acceptable!!!!!!!!!!!
Incident date: 6 April 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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