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Volkswagen - Poor workmanship zeerust vw

No resolution
John Kgosimore
John Kgosimore filed the complaint
3 October 2023
2023/10/02 -I brought my VW Polo to Volks Motors Zeerust, for service on 02/10/2023. The car was collected and parked. When Im at home I realised that there is pink coloiref water running from the engine to the garage floor. It was already beyond openning time of the dealership and I decided to take it back in the morning to report the issue as it was not leaking when I took it for service.
2023/10/03 - I went to VolksMotors Zeerust, to report the problem and indicated to them that the cat was not leaking when I took it to them for service. The gengtleman who identified the car as Mr De Beers, said he tested the bottle and suspected that the bottle might gave been cracked by the water preassure at that time. I asked him how is that my problem if it was not leaking before, and its even pouring. He told me he only did the service and the rest is up to me an there is nothing they(VW) can do.
-I explained to the gentleman that ever since I bought the car from them Im experiencing problems, four years ago, I car returned the car to them three days after purchase, as it gave me problems. I was informed that indeed the vehicle had manufacturing faults, as it was a brand new car. The car was fixed at that time, and I withdrew the complaint that I lodged with the MV Ombudsman, as it was fixed.
- At that time, the top engine cover was missing and no one wanted to take accountability of that at VW Zeerust. I left the issue just like that and even now it does not have it.
Please assist me with the issue of leaking engine coolant bottle,so they replace it. Everytime when I take the car for service they report everything that needs attention before they do it but now they did not call me to report.
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Incident date: 3 October 2023
John Kgosimore
31 October 2023
No response from the dealership, my car was still leaking and I wa forced to buy the water container on my own and paid for labourer.
John Kgosimore
John Kgosimore rated the brand
24 January 2024

Problem is with the dealer, not the brand

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