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Vodacom - Vodacom working with fraudsters

No resolution
Ntombi filed the complaint
2 September 2023
Hi I reported a claim 7 months that a fraudulent contract for a phone, I called and the stopped the contract and was told that my ID number was flagged last month I received a debit order iny account. I called Vodacom and was told to get an affidavit and ID copy. I sent the affidavit and was told they would attend in 7-14 days it's been a month now they have debited my account for the second time Vodacom is not only helping these fraudster but ruining my name and credit score. This is frustrating and stressful. The poor service I receive from the call center to report a fraud case. This is unacceptable, I work so hard to have my credit score great and Vodacom has this horrible service in getting to attend or helping with these fraudster. The worse part is I never opened an account with Vodacom. I would like this matter escalated and resolved as this unacceptable.
Incident date: 2 September 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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