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Vodacom - Incorrect billing after upgrade

No resolution
Gustav Zietsman
Gustav Zietsman filed the complaint
17 January 2024
I upgraded my package telephonically on the 18 of December. My bill was not supposed to change with upgrade, yet on 1 January they debited the wrong amount (my discount on package was not included). After contacting them they said they will fix it and refund me. It is now the 17th and after numerous calls and numerous reference numbers, NO one has gotten back to me. I have no idea what they are going to charge me on 1 February and no idea if I will get my refund!

You cannot even go to a vodacom shop to get it sorted. They just tell you to phone customer care which is so unhelpful it just spoils your entire day. I am so done with Vodacom. I am going to find another provider and lodge a complaint with the ombudsman.
Incident date: 1 January 2024
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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