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Vodacom - Contract cancellation

No resolution
Lina filed the complaint
8 September 2023
Reference no: 002939JFDY7BB3YF. I went to Vodacom wonderpark on Sunday 3/09/2023 after seeing a R340 wifi special. Lerato assisted me and I signed a contract, she gave a router, SIM card that I paid R106 for, and a device for load shedding purposes. I only opened both Devi on Wednesday 6/09/23 to start using them but there was no internet connection, I then went back to the store same day and told Lerato that wifi says no internet connection, she then told me that I need to remove the pin, from the SIM card, which I did when I arrived home but still there was no internet connection. I called her, she told me to restart the router but I was not able to do, had to drive all the way back to the store on Thursday, and was told that the router needs to be booked in because it’s not working. I asked for a new since it was still brand new and haven’t used it, they told me I’ll have to wait for it to be fixed. I asked how long will I have to wait for, they said 3/4 weeks. I told them I can not wait that long because I use it for work, I’d rather then cancel the contract. The manager Sinki Moleko told me it’s impossible to cancel, the only way I can cancel is to call vodacare on 08219583, which I did and spoke to Mahadi who said I should go back to the store and cancel because it hasn’t been 14 days since I signed the contract. I then called the store, explained to Sinki what the lady at vodacare said and he told me he will not cancel the contract, whoever told me that I can cancel must come and cancel it for me. This guy was very rude to me and had no sympathy, he did not even care how I felt, even when I asked if there is no other solution he did not care. I left the store so heartbroken and crying. Left all the devices in store as I do not want anything to do with vodacom. I sent 2 emails without any response. Despite all this Vodacom debited R423 from my account last night for WiFi that I’m not even using. I’m really disappointed after using vodacom network for more that 20yrs to be treated this way. I don’t this contract anymore and I don’t understand why it’s impossible to revoke the contract .
Incident date: 8 September 2023
9 September 2023
No one from Vodacom cared to contact me, please pay back my money R106 for SIM card + R423 that you debited. I can’t be paying for a service you can’t offer. How is it possible that a person is paying for WiFi that she’s not using??? Tell your people at wonderpark to cancel that contract and teach your manager to speak to customers respectfully. A brand new device I haven’t even used could not be swapped with one that works, this is ridiculous.
27 September 2023
Vodacom still hasn’t assisted me, it gets worse I’m now paying for WiFi that I’m not even using, instead of debiting R340 that I signed for, they debit R524.60. According to the contract, you can cancel within 7days, I asked for cancellation within 5days for a valid reason but they refuse to cancel it despite my complaint.
Lina rated the brand
10 November 2023

The consultants don’t care at all, they only assist you when they get money from you, no care for your needs at all. My contract has finally been cancelled but I am fighting to get my money back. Every time I go to the branch I’m told they will log a case and nothing happens afterward.

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