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Vodacom - Charged despite having closed account, damaging credit score

No resolution
Christopher Neeleman
Christopher Neeleman filed the complaint
7 March 2024
In October 2023 I contacted an agent, several times in fact, to cancel my account with Vodacom. I discovered that despite my insistence they do not extend my contract they had done so anyway without my consent and put me in a position where I had to pay a premature cancellation fee.
Although unhappy with this discovery I paid the premature cancellation and confirmed with the agent that sent me the quote several times that there was nothing extra that I would have to pay and that my account would be closed completely, with no further bills thereafter. The agent confirmed this. I then took the quote and went into a Vodacom shop in Soneike Mall and paid the premature cancellation fee. I then emailed it to both them and earlycancellations@vodacom with the proof of payment and quotation attached.
On the 31st of October 2023 I received two smses from Vodacom confirming that my account had been converted to prepaid and that my alternate number for notifications had been deleted.
Again I must say that the agent I spoke with repeatedly confirmed that there were no more costs and that my entire account had been paid with nothing outstanding at all. Since Vodacom records their conversations this can easily be verified.
On the 1st of November Vodacom debited my account despite me no longer having an account with them. I reversed the debit order naturally and attempted to contact them. Since I have been moved to prepaid I cannot actually contact their accounts department with my cellphone and emails sent to them go unanswered. One email that was answered once was then ignored thereafter and I was sent a link to their "Toby" whatsapp bot that is ABSOLUTELY USELESS.
Vodacom has damaged my credit score in by attempting to charge me for an account that DOES NOT EXIST with them.
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Incident date: 1 November 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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