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Virgin Active - Virgin active wonderpark is full of nonsense

No resolution
Molebogeng filed the complaint
29 April 2021
Somebody explain to me what is the point of booking online for these classes if they refuse you entry because you did not get there 5mins before the time? It was 18:14pm,29 April 2021 and I arrived at Wonderpark Virgin Active having booked for a class(Kick with Steven Baloyi) that starts at 18:15pm. I arrive there and the lady(staff member) tells me the class is full,I then say but I booked online so isn't there an exception? She says "no,we already let the people who didn't book online in,we do that if the people who booked online don't arrive before 18:10pm and therefore the class is full". Immediately a lady comes out of the class while I'm talking to that same staff member and says she has decided not to do the class anymore. I'm thinking and say out loud "oh,perfect,I can go in!" Staff member says no,you missed your chance after 18:10pm and then calls some random man who was by the treadmill who had not booked online to come join and tells him there is a space for him. I repeat... What is the point of booking online if you are not even going to get preference? Especially because one is 4minutes late. The class had not even started yet by the way.
Incident date: 29 April 2021
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