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Virgin Active - Virgin active lorraine reception

No resolution
Charmaine Bouwer
Charmaine Bouwer filed the complaint
18 June 2021
Good day

At Lorraine Virgin Active - at 5 am in the Mornings- generally there is ONE person at Reception, others all dispersed and walking around - Currenlty due to your Cyber attack, we manually have to book a class of each day the following week ... . The file is never available, plus there is never a pen available
Dare you complain to the Manager on DUTY - and you get treated like .... and then told to bring your own PEN! Its not the members fault if we have to book at the gym, so clearly the staff should be available form Opening to take bookings and have the file and a pen available and not treat us like ..... Lately the friendliness at VIRGIN LORRAINE, needs much to be desired . Some managers think they are better than the members !!! I have being a Virgin Active member for over years and I run my own Business and yet to experience such treatment and unproffessionalism .... much to be desired
Incident date: 18 June 2021
Charmaine Bouwer
26 June 2021
Have heard noting back from VIRGIN ACTIVE, LORRAINE , PORT EIIZABETH
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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