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Virgin Active - Virgin active is the worst

No resolution
Tjaard Vos
Tjaard Vos filed the complaint
3 November 2021
Due to Covid lockdown in South Africa, I cancelled our family Virgin Active membership in July of 2020. I also cancelled vitality at the same time. I tried phoning Virgin Active, but was told by computer voice that I had to send an email in order to cancel, which I did.
I submitted for the cancellation in Jyly, but in September, Virgin Active still took payment from my account to the value that the membership would be without Vitality, a total of almost R2000.
I stuggled to get any support from Virgin and eventually gave up, until earlier this year (2021) when a Virgin Active representative phoned to ask if I would like to join the gym!!
Through discussion with this guy, a "refund" was arranged, and he guaranteed that it would be to the full amount that was deducted, but alas, less than R700 was refunded.
Now, again, just gave up due to the absolutely horrid service from Virgin, I again decided to join the gym, as fitness is important. Upon joining, Virgin Active now claims that I owe them R500 from an old account that was held BY MY MOTHER in Rustenberg, 13 years ago!!! I mean, what the actual F!!!
Up to now, the Virgin Active representative that I have been dealing with said he is buys sorting this out, but this morning, I was told that I cannot be allowed in the gym as I do not have access!
Incident date: 3 November 2021
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