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Virgin Active - Theft incident on the 03.06.21

No resolution
Ebrahim filed the complaint
8 June 2021
I arrived at the gym at 6am train for 1h 30 mins Monday to Friday and hit the shower at 07h35.On the morning of the 3rd of May 2021 I completed my session hit the shower locked my locker number 58 time +- 07h38.When to shower and finished at 07h48.I saw my locker open with my gym bag open cellphone S21+ missing with my nike gear and perfume gone.There was no one in the locker room at the time I discovered was happen and reported the incident immediately at front desk.I tried calling the phone several but it was switch off.I was informed by the front desk lady that the manager will only get in after 9am.I left all my details to contact me but no one did.I visited the gym the same day at 12pm to discuss the matter with the manager Claudio but no one could assist me because the manager is afraid that he will discriminate against his staff.The evening around 9pm my phone was switch on and the pin location Virgin active Glenvista.The team at gym is busy with something as I speak there are more incidents that took place and it alarming that such a big brand is not worried about the brand reputation let alone their customers.A week or 2 before my incident another incident of theft took place and this happen with one of your ex sales employees.
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Incident date: 8 June 2021
30 June 2021
Not resolved
Ebrahim rated the brand
12 September 2021

Your service is poor!!

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