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Virgin Active - Theft

No resolution
Shahil Gangabissoon
Shahil Gangabissoon filed the complaint
23 April 2021
Hi, I have been a victim of theft at the Virgin Active Pavilion. I left my gym bag and belongings in my locker and it had been stolen on the 22nd of April 2021. I then had to call a manager because the staff at Pavilion are pathetic. When I called the manager she was at the westville branch and theft is a serious issue however she did not want to come to the Pavilion branch and insisted on solving the issue the next day. This is a disgrace to customer service and appalling that a company like Virgin Active has Staff that only has interests in signing clients just to get their pay check and refuse to help them when necessary. Further to this I had requested the Manager Drithi Singh to view footage or let me view the footage as it would be easier because I would notice my bag. However with Virgin Active policies that I was unable to view footage according to the manager. The manager then viewed the footage and insists that she cannot see someone carrying my gym bag out of the gym. So this either means that my bag is still in my locker or I am blind. To me it seems like the staff are Thieves or the members at the gym. In my gym bag was my car keys, wallet, watch and clothes. I had to then get someone to bring a spare key to me. Above all else I am utterly disgusted with Virgin Active and their beyond poor customer service from the General Manager and staff in rectifying this issue. Me as a person and my fiancé will now refuse to go to the virgin active pavilion as well as the mall because there is someone out there with my car keys waiting to hijack me or rob me. I feel very unsafe with these conditions.
Incident date: 23 April 2021
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