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Virgin Active - Swimming pool temperature

Anton Roux
Anton Roux filed the complaint
30 April 2021
I have been a member at Virgin Active East London Beach front for the past 5 years and in that five years we complained about the temprature in the swimming pool on numerous occasions , it will be fine for a couple of months and then it will be not working for like now for the past 4 months, leaving the water in the poll ice cold to such an extend that the pool cannot be used.
My complaint therefore is that we are loyal paying members that ensure that our membership is paid every month with out delay and we pay this fees to use the facilities that the gym offers including a heated pool throughout the year, which is not the case as the pool is out of action and cold most of the time, which is frustrating.
I believe for a big gym organization it is unacceptable that the members must ensure that their fees is paid-up every month without fail, but then Virgin Active does not offer us the same courtesy by ensuring that all their equipment including the heated pool is in working condition and heated at all times, it would therefore be appreciated if urgent attention could be given to this heating problem of the pool as we are entering winter and would still like to use the pool during the winter month for training as I am not a gym person, but I joined Virgin Active to exlusively use the heated pool, but it is more of a disappointment than enjoyment and this will encourage me to cancel my gym membership with Virgin Active if the problem is not solved, as we are at present just hearing promises of t is going to be fixed but nothing is forth coming.
Your reply to this complaint will be appreciated.
Incident date: 30 April 2021
Anton Roux
Anton Roux rated the brand
10 September 2021

For a major brand in the Fitness industry, I personally do not think that they hold -up very well and that their service is not of a good and high standard.

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