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Virgin Active - Poor customer service

No resolution
Charmaine Singh
Charmaine Singh filed the complaint
30 May 2021
Virgin Active website has been unavailable for a few weeks therefore I am unable to make bookings for classes and freeze accounts for my son and I.

Consultants within the gym on the Bluff confirmed that if I want to join a class I need to physically come to the gym 30 minutes ahead of time and then register. However, if the class is already full then I can not participate but will have to make another booking.

This is unacceptable as I have multiple health issues which prevent me from standing for this period of time. In addition, I have to make couple of trips, back and forth from the gym. This is a waste of my time and petrol. I do not wish to belong to an organization which undervalues its customers. I do not trust the brand and its new manner of dealing with issues. My son and I are long standing members and make regular payments, we can therefore be considered value adding customers.
Incident date: 30 May 2021
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