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Virgin Active - Offered a membership with free month but debiting my account for that month

No resolution
Tash filed the complaint
1 February 2022
I have taken 2 memberships for my student sons in November 2021.

when i took the membership in November - The package special that i took was free for the month of November and free for the month of January

Nov 2021 - No debit order went off ( this is correct)
Dec 2021 ( my debit order of R980 went off which is correct)
Jan 2022 - I see that VA is trying to debit my account for the month of JAN 2022 - THIS IS NOT CORRECT AS THE MONTH OF JAN WAS OFFERED AS A FREE MONTH IN THE PACKAGES I TOOK.
VA keeps trying to debit my account for Jan and it is getting returned as there was NOT supposed to be a Debit order and i have not budgeted funds for it.

i have sat on the phone with VA this morning for an hour and was shunned from dept to dept and no one was able to assist me.

8 days later , 5 calls and 3 emails and this has still not been resolved

Very disappointing experience.
Incident date: 24 January 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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