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Virgin Active - Not refunding

Noël Cromhout filed the complaint

I was advised to personally visit Virgin Active, to cancel my membership.
I promptly did on the 19 August 2021.
I completed the required documentation successfully.
I was told that it was not necessary for a copy (which I requested) as I would receive an email with reference number as proof of my request to cancel my membership.

Following the required notice given, Virgin Active did not cancel my debit order.
I sent numerous emails.
I received automated responses.

On the 12 November 2021 I received my first email from VA.
They said that according to their records I only cancelled on the 20 October 2021.
They said as to refund me they would need proof of my cancellation on the 19 August 2021.

I responded to their email.
I clearly stated that I was issued with a reference number on the 19 August 2021 and that every email of correspondence to them had this reference number attached.
I attached screenshots of their email confirming my request including the Reference number.

A reference number is there for a reason.
It easily identifies the member, transaction history, any contracts signed, the specific day it was signed, the specific place.
I suggested that they please refer to my Reference number as this in itself is indisputable proof of me having successfully completed the Cancellation Request Form and submitting it to one of the employees at Virgin Active Table Bay Mall.
I once again sent numerous emails reiterating my conversations and reference number.

To date, being 12 January 2022 I've not received 1 response but only automated messages.

This is now unacceptable and total incompetence within VA head office.
It's been 5 months and they have not as yet resolved this issue.

Virgin active membership contracts are binding.
The Laws of South Africa applies to Virgin Active contracts.
I have done what is required to cancel.
Virgin active need to do what is required by law.
26 Jan 2022
Noël Cromhout added an answer

I've sent another email to Virgin Active.

To date still no response or any form of communication in attempting to resolve this issue.
I will be contacting the Ombudsman for gymnasiums.

12 Feb 2022
Noël Cromhout added an answer

To date, no response or any form of communication from VA.
Contract between Member and VA is legally binding.
Law of South Africa applies
VA are in Breach of Contract.
Not adhering to the terms and conditions of the contract, hence illegal deductions is fraud.

26 Feb 2022
Noël Cromhout changed state to Resolved
26 Feb 2022
Noël Cromhout added an answer

My advice is to report and lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman for Gyms.
Within 2 days after I lodged my complaint, VA contacted me to resolve the issue.
The lady from VA was very apologetic and helpful.
I was refunded within 1 week.

This complaint was considered resolved.

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