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Virgin Active - None response form the escalations department

No resolution
Healing Evolution
Healing Evolution filed the complaint
28 September 2023
I have been awaiting feedback from the head office in Cape town since last week Friday, relating to misconduct of their staffing complement in Johannesburg.
The escalations department is aware of the complaint, and the severity of this as victimization took place.
No parties are addressing the issue at hand, continually passing the ball to more individuals to "ask-what-happened".

I am looking for a resolve, or senior management to contact me regarding this internal conduct of their staffing complement.
Incident date: 22 September 2023
Healing Evolution
Healing Evolution rated the brand
16 November 2023

It is sad that a handful of individuals can sour an entire opinion of a business. I do believe, the vision of Virgin Active was sadly lacking in my interaction during September 2023. It was such disgrace watching the victimization of team members, utter rudeness towards clients, and lack of EQ. If I could change to another company, without much inconvenience towards myself, I would.

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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