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Virgin Active - Membership cancellation

No resolution
Terusha Govender
Terusha Govender filed the complaint
12 October 2021
I would like to now log a formal complaint around my membership.

Its been almost a month since I have called Virgin Active and I have had no response from anyone regarding a proper response based on my complaint. I sent through a formal complaint on the 25th of September and to date have received nothing but an auto response since then on my matter.

When i originally signed up for this contract i was advised that my monthly fees will be R260 which I agreed to as I would not afford anything more that that and beside I really only signed up because I wanted access to the Kauai that only members were allowed to. So I took the contract so that could at any time visit the Kauai

On the 1st of July 2021 my 1st instalment was taken off from my account according to the agreement which was the R260. However on the 31 July R 728 was taken off, i immediately called their call centre I called in August and logged a complaint to date no feedback, on this day the gentlemen apologised and advise that it was a technical issue and that I will be refunded as I was debited for R728 as opposed to the R260 based on what I this the way all your clients are treated?

I haven't even since signing up used their facilities even once and this is what they do??and complained to which i was advise was a technical glitch and that i would be refunded . To date i have received no such refund or any communication that I would either still be getting it or not.

On the 1st August a further R728 was deducted from my account , this time when i called to complain the story was now different and this was apparently my instalment, the gentlemen refused to assist me and kept just telling that i am liable. It gets even better that after I ask for this contract to be cancelled I then get a deduction on the 1st October for R1040.

According to the contract that I have signed for which clearly stipulates that I will be charged a month fee of R260 otherwise I would have not signed up as I know I cannot afford anything more monthly and Virgin Active without any communication just going into my account and deducting way more than the agreed amount I feels is an infringement on my rights as a customer as that has cause some unnecessary pressure on my end .

I find it very unprofessional that Virgin Active without my consent went and took more than what was agreed to without my knowledge even after I asked that the contract be cancelled.

I requested the contract cancelled and a refund and I'm still waiting to get my own money back which has caused unnecessary financial strain on my end. I was even offered the free access to a personal trainer which was cancelled due to Covid restriction

Your response will be highly appreciated
Incident date: 31 August 2021
Terusha Govender
26 October 2021
Hi Virgin Active

Can you take your business seriously and respond the me based on my issues experienced with your brand ...what horrible service you don't even prioritize complaints to keep up the name of your brand...I guess this is normal for this company....
Terusha Govender
9 November 2021
Not resolved as yet..
Terusha Govender
Terusha Govender rated the brand
28 December 2021

What did you do...nothing so why so I recommend your useless brand

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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