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Virgin Active - Incompetence

No resolution
Liezel filed the complaint
19 January 2022
After lockdown, where I opted to freeze my account with virgin active, I received an email to say that my premium was increasing to literally double what I was paying. I called your center through the club, and said that this was unacceptable, and that I was not consenting to it.

After 2 months, they debited my account with the double amount. I emailed again, and said that I had not consented to this amount, and asked them to correct it asap, or I will cancel my account with you.
No one contacted me, and then they did it again. Again, I emailed and told virgin active head office to cancel my membership.
I then spoke to Shelly, the manager of the Bedfordview branch where I signed my contract. I asked her for a copy of my contract, which to date, I have not received.
She Apologized for the amount, and said that she would discuss it with head office, and offered me a free month to allow her to deal with the problem. She assured me that she had written off the outstanding for the month on the system.
After constantly trying to get a hold of Shelly, as she did not give me feedback, and the month had passed, she gave me yet another month, as she said head office had not got back to her.
After November, she said that head office refuses to bring the amount down to what I had signed up for, and that the amount was set for 2 years, and my two years had expired, and the product I signed for is no longer on offer.
I then told her that I am not accepting to pay R900 for a membership from an amount of just over R300 which I paid previously, and that I am not interested in renewing any membership, and they are not allowed to debit my account again.

I have this in writing as well.
I now receive an email telling me that my account is in arrears of over R2000.

I am afraid that head office just ignores any communication sent, and clearly nothing is accomplished at club level.

I refuse to pay for something I am not using, nor did I sign up for it.
Incident date: 19 January 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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