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Virgin Active - False advertising

No resolution
Precious Molefe
Precious Molefe filed the complaint
19 July 2021
So this is what happened. Mid may I was walking and bongani who works at the gym approached me and asked if I go to the gym and would like to sign up. He first told me that for students it's R300 per month. There's no registration fee and that the months July and August were free and that the rest of the month I was currently in was free.

He signed me up and I brought busi a long to the gym and he explained the same thing to her and signed her up.

The next month they took 460 from both our accounts. We asked him why this happened and he said that it's a problem with a system but he'll keep us updated.

And we were never updated again.

Then the next month which you'll see on the statement another 300 was taken for the month which was meant to be free.
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Incident date: 13 May 2021
Precious Molefe
26 July 2021
Still waiting for any kind of feedback from a Virgin Active representative
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