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Verimark - Pty Ltd
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Verimark - Not honoring guarantee

No resolution
Christopher filed the complaint
23 March 2024
I bought a verimark vacuum cleaner at Makro knowing full well that verimark gives an quality guarantee as it is stated on their box and all products. Now the vacuum cleaner I bought overheated and cut out after the 3rd time usage. So I went back and said the product is faulty and explained what happened. Then I got told no it must go for repair, which is a warranty policy not a guarantee policy. And neither the saleswoman or manager from verimark at Makro could tell me the difference between warranty and guarantee except for the other salesman which knew and when he tried to show me via the booklet they started the clause with guarantee and switched to warranty in the clause. So the "2 year quality guarantee" that they talk about is a ruse and blatantly misleading the public and as far as I'm concerned going against the CPA. This happen on the 9th of March and we at the 23rd of March. So Verimark is pushing for a warranty repair and not honoring their quality guarantee. I bought the product in Feb and used it 3 times before I had an issue. Verimark manager at Makro also wanted to use makro warranty policy which is not valid as verimark is making the quality guarantee promise not Makro
Incident date: 23 March 2024
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