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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Why us uif noyt paying

No resolution
Khethokuhle Mvelase
Khethokuhle Mvelase filed the complaint
11 May 2021
I Submitted all.my.documents for UIF by 21/402021.
In that date I was told I would.recieve payment after 7 days. 7days lapsed and no UIF payment was made. I returned in the 28th. I was informed at the Pinetown labour centre that the application had been processed, there's was nothing which needed to be done on my part. And that however my application was pending and it was only a matter of provincial office putting he Payment to.my account. I was told to that payment would be recieved after 7days.
I waited 7days and there was no payments made. I returned to UIF again on the 7th of MAY 2021.. I was told thaT MY application was approved and that I should receive payment after 7days. The issue is that I'm being put in arrears by various creditors and the consequences will be mine to suffer whereas I have money sitting at UIF which is not being given to me for unclear reasons.
Incident date: 11 May 2021
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