UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Waiting for 8 months now for uif benefits with no feedback

No resolution
Marcella Dlamini
Marcella Dlamini filed the complaint
25 July 2021
I submitted a claim for my UIF benefit s approximately 8mths ago. I have been following up weekly via the call center as well as emails to the department. None of my emails have received a response. The call center agents tell me that some one will look into my claim and call me back but this has never happened. When I initially filed the claim, I got an sms stating that feedback would be given in 35days but to date, I have not received any. Several tickets have been logged by the call center agents and after a while the tickets are closed with no feedback. I am frustrated with the service but as I am desperate to receive the benefits, I keep trying. I am really trying to find another job but have not had any luck and depend on my unemployment benefits to pay my bond. Right now I am on the brink of losing my home as no-one at the department could be bothered to assist. I am an unemployed, widowed mother of three and am really desperate right now. Please help me, I am begging anyone, someone.
Incident date: 4 January 2021
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