UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Unpaid claim

No resolution
rameshchandra harrikissoon
rameshchandra harrikissoon filed the complaint
15 April 2022
hi I was unemployed from
31st January 2022 all my doc's was given to me by my company on 4th February 2022 & I visited Chatsworth uif branch on the 7th March no water next day 8th offline & given form to fill in bank then 9th & then 10th application was made & must return on
16th March & was told payment in 8/10 working days if not paid return in 10 days I gave it 11 working days then returned I was told system not updated but payment is with paymaster & I'll be definitely paid still no funds
so I decided to email a albertina who said email ntombizodwa mdla & she sent emailed 5 or 6 people including me asking them to sort me out & the names I can remember is Biyela, nevani Naidoo etc. biyala phoned me & told me system upgrades or some other toll stop & made promise in a few days I'll be definitely paid. I went there 6 times @ R100 a time & I was hijacked using alternate methods to go
now when I was not paid yet uif don't ever answer the or sometimes its busy or maybe taken off the hook
so I emailed all 3 persons 2/3 times but none replied I'm so broke & fed up with uif coz we must be given runaround stories for our own money
now this is not on coz the minister must jack his staff up coz every time I was there at 5 in the morning staff come at 08:15 to 08: 30 then make tea/ coffee & treat us like they doing us a favor but we pay their salary with our taxes
Incident date: 14 April 2022
rameshchandra harrikissoon
rameshchandra harrikissoon rated the brand
13 June 2022

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