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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Uif payment

No resolution
Petrus Casparus van der Westhuizen
Petrus Westhuizen filed the complaint
30 November 2021
I lost my job on 10 august 2021 and attemted to submit a claim from the 11 aug 2021 but could not due to the system.

Somone in the polokwane branch assisted me and I was able to submit a claim on 28 sep 2021 and also submitted the UI.2.8 form to change my banking detail.

On 14 oct 2021 I recieved a payment and did a continuation on 28 oct 2021. I never recieved a payment on that continuation and when I asked I was told that they attempted to make the payment into my old bank account.

I queried several times on several Emails but did not get any response.

On 24 nov 2021 I submitted an UI.2.6A form but till today 30 nov 2021 I got no feedback.

Please please can you assist?
Thank you.
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Incident date: 11 August 2021
Petrus Westhuizen
20 December 2021
Bank details still not fixed on the system.
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Petrus Westhuizen
20 January 2022
Still not resolved.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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