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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Uif benefit

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japhter majoko sethole
japhter sethole filed the complaint
16 May 2021
I went to department of labor in Pretoria at nana sita street on 09 January applying for uif benefits and they give forms to fill of which i filled them submit and told me to wait 35 days for my benefit to be captured and for me to receive payments, and waited nothing happened tried making follow ups couldnt keep up with the ques then, i decided to go to different department of which it was in atteridgeville in kalafong when i get there it was on 01 february 2021 and i was given forms also but told that since they dont have power or electricity i must come to make follow up then, i have been going to them and i was told they are strugling with system is offline and on the 11th of february i applied for uif online and i was given a link to upload all outstanding documents which i did and i was calling them each and every friday of the new week to know how far is my application. the 1st lady said the documents are sent to claims department and i am going to receive money in 7 to 10 working days it was on 24 february and on the 28 of february i called again to check if things are still the same then another lady picked up the phone and she then said i must wait for another 35 days for my application to be captured from the start again since they say it was not captured properly and on the 29 march i was told that there is the complication on my application since there is something that they dont understand so the lady told me to call at 10.00 am, since she told me that the people who works at claim department will be availalble by then, and i called at 11 oclock no phone was answered and again on the 7th of april i recieved an email from them saying i must re-upload all required documents again for them to start my application i have sent documents on the 9th april. then told me to wait for 35 days and the 06 may 2021 i called them again, i was told the document where received but not captured yet on the system and i was to wait another 35 days for my application to be captured on the 15 may i recevied an email from callforceclaim to re upload my documents again then now i am fueling with a lot of rage now i dont know what to do i feel like i am being played by department of labour by failing to provide service to me.....i need a resolution on this matter asap..
Incident date: 16 May 2021
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