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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Ufiling claim

No resolution
Marco filed the complaint
17 January 2022
Good day all,
I have applied via Ufiling on 07/12/2021 and submitted all required or relevant documentation and received confirmation from UIF contact Centre that all documents received. On this particular date @ 09:52 my claim status reflects “Sent to Assessor “ and have not changed eversince. Contact the UIF contact Centre on numerous occasions and all 6 different consultants assured me they are going to escalate my claim to relevant department to process or payment with no success.Also emailed the UIF Contact Centre more than 6 times with change in my current status which still reflects “ Sent to Assessor “ since07/12/2021 and today is already 17/01/2022. My 2 daughters going back to school on Wednesday,19/01/2022 and my eldest daughter is going back to varsity as well. I am currently unemployed and desperately relying on these funds as I have to pay for school fees, varsity fees, stationery, buy food, electricity,school uniforms and pay my debts, etc.

Please assist accordingly

Your cooperation is highly appreciated and thanks in advance

Kind Regards
Marco William Jaftha
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Incident date: 7 December 2021
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