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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Struggling for 5 months now to get ui19 form from employer

No resolution
Daniella Brink
Daniella Brink filed the complaint
28 April 2022
I've been struggling to get my UI19 form from my ex employer since 8 December 2021, I've been told not to come back to the company in December after being sick with covid that I've got at work like most workers there. I opened a ccma case against the company for being dismissed without a reason so we went for Conciliation in January but could not work out anything, so we received a date for 25 April for Arbitration. at the first meeting the commissioner told them to issue me with my UI19 form but they didn't.
we never went to the arbitration meeting because their lawyer phoned me about a week before the hearing and ask to settle the matter so in the settlement agreement they made one of the terms was that they should issue me with my UI19 form within 7 Days after we signed the agreement, this didn't happen at all and I've been contacting the company and their lawyer but they all just ignores me. I really need some advise and help on what to do with this, how do i get my form from them, I do have the signed agreement of this.
Incident date: 28 April 2022
Daniella Brink
Daniella Brink rated the brand
24 June 2022

Ive finally reveived my documents from my employer, now it's back to the waiting game, my documents has been with the asessors for more than a month now, should'nt the asesmend period be max 15 Days.

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