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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Still waiting for payment

No resolution
Gouws filed the complaint
15 February 2022
Good day
Last year February i lost my job.
I have applied for my UIF in March, submit all nessesary documents.
I have applied online, after months of follow ups and re submissions on all thw documents that i resend more than 5 times.. The payment is at paymaster and paymaster is closed.
So after a couple of phone calls they told me that their was a delay in the paymastet, next phone No you will receive an email, next phone you will need to resubmit documents.
Every time its a different story.
I am now fed up with this * FORBIDDEN *..
Why am i paying for UIF. When you really need the money they take their time.. Its the same like going to the state hospital and wait for assistance after they chew their chappy finished...
Please wake the hell up and pay our UIF that we already paid for...
Their are tooooo many people depending on this few money....
Pay up.. Or wait for civil action taken agains you....
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Incident date: 15 February 2022
2 March 2022
Good day
No news yet... Almost 1 year later
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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