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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Poor service and time responding, time of process over past as to their promise

No resolution
Godffrey filed the complaint
6 January 2022
I did my Uif application from the Springs after visited Benoni Branch(Labour) were i was told that my appointment date will be on the 01/12/2021 then a security personnel advised me to visit Springs Branch(Labour) as they are much better to provide better service than Benoni(Labour), and as for i did that by going to Springs but then now am on my third month since from the application did on 12/11/2021 and then i was told to wait for 35 days and that has gone past but still i have not received any payments as yet till i phone the Uif Hotline were i was told to visit the Branch as they don't have file document as the Branch are the once have it(phoned hotline on the 03/01/2022) then on the 04/01/2022 i indeed visited the branch and on my arrival to client services i was told that they don't have assessors and i will be on waiting period for the next coming 15 days and then after 15 days i should visit the Branch again to check my UIF status. Worse part when i ask that can't online help me since well you as the branch are failing, He reply was that"You ca try but online is useless and i don't recommend it but give it a try and maybe you might be lucky". then i ask the person to mail the person directed to do the assessment on my UIF since well they have all request document and submitted, i asked them to copy me in which they did and i then acknowledged the mail by replying and redirecting the complain to the assessor but still to date the assessor failed to respond to our both mails.Now am seating on third month without any positive showing of progress to my application and people we applied on same day already had their payments twice. So online and Branch are failing us and am not happy for fact that we are not being told the truth meanwhile to visit the Branch its another cost. Can the Executives do something about this please as when you walk in the building, there is a Batho Pele Principle on their hall posted but still Labour UIF workers are failing us. Actually which oath do they know as they are failing to serve the public.
Incident date: 30 November 2021
21 January 2022
How long should we wait for our matters to be attended to, or will wait till Jesus come. Ooh unless is the culture of the business to use media for your matter to be resolve. Month three is going past and the 15 days promise has gone past but still being failed by the Department and not single communication.
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